Travel Diaries


Yup, 7 again. My body said that it was time to get up. The day before I had sprained my ankle and so I decided that today was gonna be a slow day. I was actually gonna stay in but I was suddenly in the mood of chilling in Central Park!

It was around 3 o clock and I was hungry. I knew just where I wanted to go, to the place that I found earlier with all the food stands. It had such good smells coming of off them so I had to get some food over there.

I asked what the man recommended, he said chicken gyro. So that’s what I had. I chilled with my sandwich in the park, as many other smart people decided.

But I was thirsty as well. I searched for the nearest deli and had to walk a few blocks to go get me a beer. I struggled with the money, so the man behind the counter noticed me not being from here and asked where I was from. Funny thing is that this happens very often. And I’m actually trying to be very ‘American’ about it. I’ll get there!

When I got my beer, I walked back at Central Park and I saw a very cute bridge, so I walked over there and it was like AWESOME!

But before I got there, there was this little squirrel that caught my attention. He was very close and I could take pictures of him while standing like in front of him. Only in New York, huh!?

And there standing on the bridge, I saw just a perfect spot! On the rocks, with the boats floating right across you.

So I hopped onto the train again and as silly as I am, I saw some beauty in a very dirty wall haha.

It was awesome, but I was tired. I think my body needed to rest from all the days that I spend on the lookout for something new. And oh I have found some beautiful things! Tomorrow I will be at home though, it’s probably gonna rain so that comes in handy for my travel diaries! My legs have to rest as well, there is a muscle in my ankle that keeps on bugging me when I walk upwards so that’s not helping!

See ya soon!