20170520 GRAFFITI & SOHO
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20170520 GRAFFITI & SOHO

My inner clock woke up at 7 am. FML 🙁 Every night I get really tired at 10 pm and can’t do nothing anymore but sleeping. I really love to be up later and sleep in a little bit. But oh well! Yesterday I talked with my roommate’s boyfriend and he gave me some good tips. So my task for the day was finding SOHO. Took the subway and because of some construction work, the A train became an F train and I needed to go to Canal Street to find SOHO. So I got out at apparantly 2nd Avenue and it was such a great place. There was a coffee place right around the corner and they had great old skool music!

After that unplanned coffee break, I had to walk about 1 mile to get to another subway so that I could visit SOHO. Funny thing about New York is that if you don’t pay attention, you miss out on all the fun! I already saw pretty good graffiti behind a fence, like it was a park but it was very small so I walked out to finish the street. But when I looked right, there were people over there and a couple of graffiti artist, like OMG how lucky am I!? I stopped there for a while and looked closely.

That’s when I met Matt. I asked him about what was happening and what the names of the artists were so that I could send pictures and tag them. He was very kind and told me all their names, even his and his e-mail so that I could send the pictures. 

They were doing a project about rats and all the artists painted rats. There were even two female graffiti artists, which I don’t see very often!

After that, this guy showed up. He told me he was a photographer and worked for a newspaper. I LOVE this look, it’s spot on! 😛 He chatted a bit with me and I noticed his awesome lens, which I haven’t seen before but who am I. I wasn’t crazy, he told me that it was a prototype and it wasn’t even on the market yet. Such a lucky guy!

He had to go to work though, so I let him do his job and took some sneaky pics of him whilst working.

Follow his work @b.a.vansise

Graffiti artist: @juliayubaba

Works by @marthalicia & @dentonburrows. See their finished artworks at their channels!

Graffiti artist @keydetail. Don’t know who the filmmaker is, if you do then please send me his info.

That was awesome! Time for me to go. I walked a bit further and then I saw such an awesome dog. Oh, what is it with me and dogs!?

He looked so tough, but once you gave him attention and tickled him, he was like a teddybear.

So I walked and walked and finally I was at the SOHO. Which is a big area which is best known for their good shopping stores and hip places. I got in different stores and I even bought a dress at Topshop.

Then I stumbled upon a very hip place with self-made jewelry and many more things. I was told not to make pictures of items in particular so I made these overall pics.

Oh my god! Their hair, clothes, style! LOVED IT. So they said of course when I asked them if I could take pictures of them. Yay!

I walked along and was hungry. I saw this place which had really tasty food. I ordered some dumplings with sauze and a really good asian drink! I don’t remember what I ordered, but it was BEAUTIFUL.

I was getting really tired of walking but someone told me that I needed to go for like 4 blocks before I was at the right subway. So I walked.. and walked.. until I found it!

Really the trains are not helping me. Construction again. So I got out somewhere and walked again..

And luckily I found these 4 girls. I love their looks and they look so cute together!

And I saw these lovely ladies. Their dresses, hair and make-up drawn me in so I HAD to take pictures of them! Of course, they said 😀

I walked into a basketball court and looked for a little. When I was younger, I loved playing basketball. Too bad I’m so little 😛

Then it was time to go home. I took the right train, finally, and made it back home!