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So, after seeing New York for the first time, I’ve come to some realizations. Here are 30 of my observations about New York and the people living there.

  1. Sirens, car’s honking, people talking loudly and birds chirping. Never a quiet moment.
  2. The sirens are LOUD AS FUCK. Sometimes they reminded me of my ginny pig when he was hungry.
  3. People talk loudly to each other in real life or by video chat with their phones. I was told they talk loud because they were standing further away from each other. But no, they’re just loud. Or deaf, but mostly loud.
  4. Every New Yorker that’s driving a car, honks the horn every minute. Why? Don’t know, they’re not very patient people I guess.
  5. There are many birds in the city, listen closely, can you hear them?
  6. New Yorkers sometimes DO like small talk, depends on who you’re talking with. You can notice right away by their interest in your home country.
  7. The city that never sleeps is true. They sleep on the train.
  8. People love to help you find the way, don’t be frightened, they don’t bite. I promise.
  9. Don’t take pictures of people without asking. Most of the time they feel honored to be in your picture.
  10. They all walk with coffee EVERYWHERE. I think that there are more coffees in the city than people.
  11. The squirrels in Central Park are the cutest and they come by millions.
  12. Most of the small conversations I had, were in the subway. When you or the other accidentally took the express train and didn’t know about it, you most instantly click. But they do get off without saying goodbye. It’s a New York thing.
  13. When someone greets you (like the cashier at groceries) they say ‘Hi, how are ya doing’. Almost no one asks them back. Go on, ask them back, they’ll appreciate it.
  14. People ALWAYS say ‘Have a good one’ when you say goodbye.
  15. When you say you come from the Netherlands, they almost instantly smile brightly and adore you.
  16. Street food is actually pretty darn good.
  17. Soho is AWESOME. Especially the food halls like Canal Street Market.
  18. If you see someone smiling all the time, they probably don’t live in New York. You can instantly see someone’s not from the city when they’re smiling (like me, like ALL THE TIME).
  19. New Yorkers love to picknick in Central Park.
  20. The neighbors probably have seen me naked without me realizing it.
  21. The hot tap turns left and the cold tap turns right, so it’s the other way around.
  22. Don’t buy 1 ticket subway cards, buy week cards. No stress.
  23. Express trains skip a lot of stations, local trains don’t.
  24. 10 minutes at Times Square is more than enough.
  25. They have different kinds of milk when you order a cappuccino.
  26. There are a lot of people with 2 dogs or more.
  27. Don’t mind being a tourist. Most of the conversations started with people asking me where I was coming from.
  28. If you really want to go to the Natural History Museum Of New York, PREPARE yourself for the overcrowding.
  29. Noticed the boxes sticking out of the windows? Those are air conditioners. Everyone has at least 1 or 2.
  30. New Yorkers work day and night to pay the bills. A day off doesn’t exist.

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