Travel Diaries


I was wide awake at 7 am. I’d slept for 13 hours so I think I’m okay for a while haha. I showered and I finally got to meet my roommate. She was lovely and very sweet. She said, if there was anything I needed, I could ask her. I brought her a gift from home, Stroopwafels. She didn’t expect that. She was ecstatic! She LOVED stroopwafels. So I made her happy already haha.

I left the apartment and just walked. I didn’t know where I was going and I didn’t have a plan. I just wanted to go outside and figure it all out. So I walked through St. Nicholas Park and first thing I noticed was that there were a lot of squirrels running around. They came very close!

I walked to the subway and hoped I could buy me a week card. I could. But I didn’t understand it. Thankfully there was a man at the desk that helped me out haha.

So I took the train, got out somewhere. Didn’t know where I was but fortunately, I was just around the corner of Central Park! Yay!

Can I take a picture? Woman: “Hmmkay..” Man: “Of course!” 

I walked out of the park and found a place with a lot of food stands. So I rested there for a bit. I’ve bought an internet card back in the Netherlands, but I couldn’t figure out how it worked. Luckily I found a wifi spot at the Museum of Natural History.

So I figured out where I was exactly, with my Time To Momo New York book. And followed a walking route that was mentioned. I wanted to get something to eat and there was this place Piccolo Café that was recommended. It was on Amsterdam Avenue.

So this is Mario Merone. Mario works at Piccolo Café. He is an actor and loves theater. He hopes to be an actor for a living one day! He’s from Italy and he’s here to work. He was a real gentleman and a funny one too! I asked for the wifi password but they didn’t have one so he said: “Hi, I’m Mario, I will be your personal Wifi”.

First thing I wanted, was a beer. He said, “Well, it’s Italian, so it’s good!”. He was right. Got me a good sandwich as well, yum! He tried to use my real name Jasmijn and asked “Jasmijn Jasmijn, everything fine?” a couple of times. He’s a poet as well, I think

When I asked for the check, he said that the beer was on him!

I asked if I could take a picture of him, he said yes! At that moment a couple of his friends came by, they couldn’t believe I wanted to make pictures of him. Guess they we’re jealous  Of course he wanted one with me as well haha, alright alright!

Mario, thank you for the lovely conversation!


After lunch, I just walked with no plan. I wanted to get some headache medication because it was so hot outside! Like more than 30 degrees celsius. After that, I walked in the Riverside Park and found out I was called by my boyfriend. He said that there was an accident on Times Square and he was worried. Fortunately I was oké. I took a moment to figure out the internet again and I fixed it! Finally I have wifi! <3

So I strangled the streets, called with my dad and his wife and just like that, I found the Barnes And Noble Bookstore. I LOVE bookstores! I sat there for a couple of hours, because well, they had airconditioning and internet and I posted the story about Mario. He was ecstatic about it haha!

Woman: Talks to the dog: “Come on Jax, we have to go! Stop following that man!” after the dog only wants with the man he doesn’t know on the left.
Man: “Love is love”.

Walked the streets for a bit, again and I found a deli with beer. Funny thing, they had dutch beer! Yay me! Found a good spot in Central Park, where some girls played Baseball. When I was in school when we had gymnastics, we sometimes had Baseball and I always was very happy when we played it! But in the Netherlands, it’s not a very common sport, unfortunately. I rested here for a bit.

After that I took the metro and walked back home.

It was 7 o’clock and I was hungry. I didn’t found any supermarket so I googled and found out it was like 4 minutes away haha. It was HUGE! Everything that you needed times 200 haha. And oh my god, they played the best music! Made myself some dinner and at 10 o’clock I was exhausted and went to sleep.