Travel Diaries


So I woke up at 8 am, which is REALLY early for me haha. I made some breakfast, for myself and Gusto the dog greeted me! I told myself that today I would write down some of the things that I wanted to visit and looked up how I could get there. Today I wanted to go to Blick Arty Materials and Highway Park.

First up: Blick Art Materials <3

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I am ADDICTED to art materials. Ask my boyfriend. When I see an art store I am not coming out of there for about 2 hours. So back home I wanted some art materials that are just way much expensive because of the shipping and now I’ve bought way too much stuff, but so satisfying hihi. The pictures that I took are not things that I’ve bought, if you want to know what I’ve bought, ask me!

Oh, I was happy. This was all worth the trip and I could die peacefully. I walked a couple of blocks to go see the Highline Park. At the end of the park, there were buildings everywhere!

Then I spotted this little girl. This is Hilly Tuesday. Back at home people told me that New York people don’t really like small talk. Well not with this guy. He told me about Hilly and even let me take pictures because how could I not! They lived right across the street and she didn’t wanna walk anymore because of the heat. She loves her treats though, she would do anything for those!

I took the subway to Grand Central. These stairs we’re scary! At Grand Central I got myself my first Ice Coffee in New York!

So I didn’t know how to get back home so I tried to figure out which subway I should take. It was a couple of blocks up ahead and found St. Bryant Park. It was lovely there!

Found the subway and did some grocery shopping. I made myself some pretty good hamburgers! One thing you should know if you eat hamburgers here, they are not seasoned (or not enough). Or I had the wrong ones haha. After dinner I watched some Masterchef Australia and closed my eyes at 10. What an awesome day was this! And I still can’t believe I’m finally here!